Telekung & Maxihijab

The Telekung

We want  to create a telekung that is comfortable. Women complaints that some time in our type of weather, it is too hot when wearing a telekung.

So we choose our fabric wisely. We try to get the head area to be as comfortable as it can be by using combination of light weight materials

Our telekung is available with its own carry on bag for your ease. 








We make functional hijab. Hijab that our customers can wear with ease and solve their problems. And with purpose. This design is part of our Maxihijab range. It is to cater for our customers who prefer the extra coverage.

Its crafted by our team of Makcik tailor with care and experience. The body consist of 2 layers of heavy chiffon georgette to ensure figurelines are strictly concealed. For lower opacity colors, and extra layer is added.

The attached visor are also made of heavy georgette with an attached cotton spandex (we pioneered this technique) to provide you that bit of stretch for better comfort. The chin area is covered. And lastly the shoulder area are finished with ruffles to complement the overall look.


The length information is as below:

25 inches at the front measured from under the chin down towards the edges and 38 inches at the back.

And this hijab functions as a Mini Telekung too.

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